Clarke  Armenian music is growing on me.  
 Sosi  Hey Bedros, can you please sing for me again on the 11th floor ? 
 Anita DerKazarian  I saw Bedros Kudanian on the Armenian Heritage Cruise. When will you come to Chicago ? 
 Tom Arreola  You guys sound fantastic! Bedros plays guitar like Mick Mars from Motley Crue... 
 Coco Bedrosian  I Love U guys! You know how to get everyone's groove on!  
 stephanie  What a great time. Thanks for the great music. I love Armenian dancing.  
 Ara Manoukian  Hey did you guys play my wedding?.Too much Kef, I cant remember 3 kids later!! 
 Samer Mufarrah  Great music, I wish you played somewhere local evey week! 
 Christopher Dean  You guys are awesome! You play great music eventhough I couldn't understand a word! 
 Sparky V  Bedros looks like a guy I know named Bruce Kudanian? "Amazing" 
 Chuck  Saw you guys at the AYF dance. Great Music! 
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