Welcome to NigosianBand.com, the official site of the Nigosian Band! For decades, the Nigosian Band has been entertaining audiences across North America with their exciting and powerful interpretations of Armenian dance music. Based in the Detroit area, the group boasts a unique blend of strong Armenian vocals, driving instrumentation, relentless energy and a constant pursuit of musical perfection that always leaves their audiences wanting more.

From their very first performance in 1980 to the present, the Nigosian Band sound has an unmistakable quality that sets them apart from other ensembles. They possess the unique ability to take traditional Armenian music and elevate it to a higher level by integrating diverse influences and creating a powerful live performance that rivals few others. To their credit, all of this is accomplished while maintaining a strong sense of responsibility and sensitivity towards the historic Armenian traditions they hold dear.

Our Musicians

Greg NigosianOud & Vocals

George NigosianClarinet, Acoustic Guitar & Vocals

Bedros KudanianElectric Guitar & Vocals

Michael KazarianDumbeg & Percussion

  Upcoming Events

Dearborn, MI

Southfiled, MI

Northville, MI

Gyumri, Armenia   -   WOW!!!!! The Nigosian Band is taking their Western-Armenian sound from Detroit all the way to Armenia. Not only will this be an amazing event but also an emotional journey for this group of diasporan Armenians who have been consistently perpetuating our culture!!!

An opportunity to see the Nigosian Band live in Armenia. Verev Rooftop Bar in Downtown Yerevan. All admission fees collected will be donated to the Lorik Humanitarian Fund. Make sure to join us for what could be a once in a lifetime event to dance to a live a Pompouri in Yerevan.

Details to come!


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